Computer Vision in Action

We train cameras with artificial intelligence to do monitoring for you


Visionbotix is passionate to develop state of the art computer vision algorithms according to the custom needs of clients. We train cameras to identify, understand, monitor the visuals and react to generate an instant alert on detection of the specific objects to take timely decisions and actions. System is surveilling and recording on top of the trained cameras round the clock.

Some Use Cases

Computer vision has countless use cases where it can be applied as a programmed eye.

  • 01 Security and Surveillance

    Person Recognition People Counting Geofencing Autonomous Attendance Weapon Detection Vehicle Recognition License Plate Recognition Pets Detection Smoking Identification Unauthorized Person Recognition Object Detection Products Quantity Monitoring Gathering Detection Face Mask Detection

  • 02 Behavior Analysis

    Person Activities Monitoring Facial Expressions Detection Drowsiness Detection Phone Usage Detection Person Attentiveness Detection Yawning, Sneezing, Coughing Detection Social Distance Monitoring Product Interest Monitoring Fight Detection


Who Can Use Computer Vision?

Computer vision is a vast field and can be used in any industry. It is based on human like vision and intelligence, its main focus is to make computer smarter enough to visualize and take decisions on the go.

City Surveillance

Our state of the art computer vision technology is the best to be used in smart cities. It can detect and recognize people, vehicles, license plates and behaviors.

Work Places

Our autonomous attendance system and behavior analysis is best fit for your office monitoring. Our fully automated system is intelligent enough to keep an eye and track each employee. And hence increase the productivity.

Educational Institutes

Our technology can be used in educational institutes to monitor teacher, students activities and behavior. Alerts can be generated for slackers.


The super intelligent system for shops or display centers can help owners to monitor the stock on the display, it can also analyse the customers interest in a specific product. Our cutting edge technology help your business in recognition of returning customers.


We can help doctors in diagnostics of chronic diseases like cancer and tumour. Doctors can identify the diseases on very early stages and can take preventable measures against it.


Our technology can be used to smartly monitor your house. System can monitor suspicious or unknown peoples and vehicles. House cleanliness can be monitored.

Autonomous Vehicles

Our advance technology can be used to make vehicles autonomous and smart. Vehicles can identify drowsiness of driver, speed limit, distance and other vehicles and objects in the surrounding.


We are expert in the field of robotics. We can make robots for your needs to be used in manufacturing industry, restaurants, hotels, receptions and agriculture.


We at Visionbotix are striving for quality products that can provide the solutions to the real world problems. We are passionate about revamping the traditional ways of surveillance and monitoring with state of the art technology. Have a quick look at some usage examples

  • All
  • Educational Institutes
  • City Surveillance
  • Work Place

Educational Institutes

City Surveillance

Work Place

City Surveillance

Face Recognition, Object or Behavior Detection

City Surveillance

Rules Violation Detection

Weapons Detection

Face Mask Detection

Emotions Detection

License Plate Recognition

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